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Just A Minute: Eloquence Update at the Meet

Eloquence database creator Michael Marxmeier gives a presentation at the recent e3000 Community Meet in this video, shot handheld from the front row of the SF Airport Hyatt hotel meeting room. Presenters had to limit talks to 15 minutes or less; most were even briefer. We grabbed a minute of his talk for the camera.

Marxmeier's slides are not yet part of the Meet's archive page we reported on earlier today. In this video he has a slide up which describes the following overall technology enhancements for the latest release of Eloquence 8:

  • Implements new thread model for Eloquence database server (improving on the default HP-UX threading)
  • Provides base for future enhancements
  • Aligns Eloquence technology to newer hardware and OS capabilities including multiple CPU cores, CPU core speed increases made more moderate, and larger memory sizes.

Functional enhancements for the latest release include

  • Scalability
  • Database replication
  • Point-in-time recovery / incremental recovery
  • Monitoring improvements
  • Programmatic access to achived database transactions
  • query3k and utility program improvements