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Use a Web console on a 959

Our Series 959 has a DB25 remote console socket, rather than the 9-pin of the N-Class servers. Can I still connect and use a Web console on this system?

Mark Ranft replies:

With the correct cable the Web console should definitely work on the 959. I had it working on a 989. I am not sure why you would compare the 959 to the N-Class. Anyone using Web console on the N-Class should switch to using their GSP console. For a better, more reliable, faster, more fully featured console on pre-GSP systems, I have set up remote console via DTC, using back-to-back DTC switching. It is very nice.

Craig Lalley adds:

Just use the 25-pin connector that is currently connected to the system console.

Jack Connor adds with a wink:

If you need both, you can use an A/B switch, if moving the cable is too strenuous.