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3000 community to meet again in SF(O)

HP 3000 community members, both those migrating and those who are not, are invited to the second bi-annual HP 3000 Community Meet. On Wednesday, Sept. 23 there will be a single day of free lunch, networking, and 10-minute updates about the state of the computer still playing a significant role in companies and careers. Imagine, an in-person meeting of 3000 users and vendors in 2009. In 2007 it seemed unlikely that a 3000 meeting could take place, after all of HP's warnings about 2006 being the 3000's end of life. Save the date and meet at a rare event.

Hyatt The virtually-free meeting is scheduled to take place at the San Francisco Airport Hyatt, a swell hotel on Bayshore Highway just a few minutes south of the SFO Airport. The hotel operates a free shuttle to the BART station at the airport, according to organizer Alan Yeo of ScreenJet. Along with Marxmeier Software's Mike Marxmeier, Yeo is "standing a lunch" for up to 50 attendees, plus organizing a "cash bar" dinner that evening in the Hyatt's sports bar/restaurant. $109 rooms are being arranged for out of town attendees. We'll be there, and hope to see you too.

The event is wrapped around re-connecting with community members, the kind of networking that can be tough to accomplish at a Very Large User Group Event. The e3000, as HP and partners still like to call it, can hold on until migrations are completed or homesteading sustaining plans are in place. Yeo reminded attendees at the previous Community Meet by the Bay in '07 that the "e" in 3000 represents the essence of the computer's value.

Yeo, Marxmeier, and QSS founder Duane Percox mounted the '07 meet with all due speed, announcing in September and gathering in mid-November. This year's event, with a late-morning start, then lunch followed by updates, followed by an optional dinner, will come together even faster. The community is counting on that essential element to make that Wednesday coalesce.

"I've been thinking about the naming of the e3000," Yeo said when the '07 event wrapped up. "I believe that 'e' stands for enduring, because the 3000 has lasted a darn sight longer than HP expected." Between 40 and 50 community members were on hand back then. Speedware will be hosting a registration site, Yeo said. Attendance at the '07 event cost a grand $20, which earned a commemorative polo shirt in return. Stand by for program details, and book your flights if you're more than a car drive away.

So there is such a thing as a free lunch, perhaps a testament to that enduring value of the HP 3000.