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Support Group partners with Blue Line for solutions

Offerings from the Support Group inc. (tSGI) gained scope and depth recently, when the HP 3000 outsourcing and support company announced a partnership with Blue Line Services. The companies, which are both headquartered in Texas, will share marketing and resources for on-site and support center operations.

"We have partnered our expert services to bring complete end-to-end coverage to the HP 3000 community," said tSGi Account Manager and Business Systems consultant Donnie Poston. "With our combined services you can now have HP 3000 hardware, software and MPE operations support and management under one roof."

Poston said the companies started talks about working together early this year, when engagements with HP 3000 customers gave the firms some common group. They plan to share customer lists and use each other's support teams to back up one another's client lists. Marketing and sales support are also on the combined efforts list.

The new partners also offer support, system sales and solutions for other HP systems. As an example, Blue Line is putting HP's LeftHand SAN storage solution into the mix of options for enterprise IT customers. LeftHand can be purchased from many PC-based suppliers, but resellers with HP 3000 background are fewer in number.

Even though tSGi is best known for supporting and implementing ERP applications, the company offers independent support outside that sector. "we have HP 3000/MPE accounts that do not use MANMAN," said Poston. "We manage the HP 3000 and OS for them.  They either have homegrown apps, or have folks that manage the ERP/MRP type apps onsite."

tSGi announced that it is offering discount support rates for existing and new customers who sign a 2 year support contract.