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Get your printed memory of 3000 news

Our latest printed edition of the 3000 NewsWire rolled into the mails last week. Yes, we still do print, every quarter. Some might call it a memorial act to the old school of spreading news. We think of it as a memory device.

Each quarterly issue contains a broad selection of choice 3000 stories from the last 90 days. We also print a catalog of the articles which only appeared online since our last print issue. It's organized by category to make the articles easier to locate online.

You can receive your printed issue for free just by supplying us with your mailing address. Remember mailing addresses?

Here on Memorial Day in the US we're thinking about what we've lost and want to honor. (Along with a good cookout or a ball game.) Printed news is not lost, though. Journalists need print publications to keep offering their vital contributions in the community.

You can sign up to get your print with a simple e-mail to my desk. Have a happy holiday, if you're having one.