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PING, IMAGE made easier on 3000

OpenMPE in final stretch for Jazz

The OpenMPE advocacy group has finalized an agreement with Hewlett-Packard to host the contents of the Jazz Web server. Paperwork has been filed at HP's offices, and the group is taking delivery of media which contains the complete contents of the server which served the 3000 community with freeware for more than a decade.

The hosting facility for the OpenMPE offering will be the datacenter at OpenMPE director Matt Perdue's Hill Country Technologies, a secure disaster recovery hotsite and outsourcing facility that serves HP 3000, Unix and Linux customers. A Linux server was used to retrieve the Jazz files from HP's servers in late December as an interim step. Perdue confirmed that he's testing the linkages from that interim download.

OpenMPE also has the capacity to share the Interex CSL MPE/iX shareware from the OpenMPE servers, Perdue said. In addition to this long-standing resource of contributed programs, OpenMPE will be delivering the Invent3k public access development services which HP curtailed in late November of last year.

Fellow board member Tracy Johnson has already posted the CSL software on his 3000, but Perdue said that "I have no problem with it being hosted on as well." Perdue will be managing that OpenMPE version of the Invent3k server.

OpenMPE hasn't made a format announcement yet of its extensive collection of 3000 online resources. But the volunteer group will join Client Systems and Speedware as a community warehouse of 3000 tools and information. Only HP's migration materials haven't been mentioned in the OpenMPE offering; Speedware has signed on to host them.