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Hewlett-Packard will promote the virtualization features of its bladed Integrity HP-UX servers in a Webcast tomorrow (April 23). The broadcast begins at 11 AM CDT (1600 GMT), led by HP's Tom Vaden, who works on HP-UX architecture.

Registration for the Webcast is available at Web site. You won't need anything special to access the Webcast other than a recent Windows or Mac OS version. A VOIP option is available for audio in addition to a standard phone dial-in number.

HP says the training broadcast — if you consider its hardware-software presentations training — will also cover power, cooling and management features of using blades with HP's Unix.

During this presentation, we will examine how HP-UX delivers its mission critical value proposition in bladed configurations. It will explain how the marriage of HP-UX and Integrity Server Blades enhance the core areas of the Adaptive Infrastructure especially for mission critical applications. The presentation will pay particular attention to the virtualization, power and cooling, and management advantages of HP-UX in a bladed environment.