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HP plugs SSL exploit for HP-UX

Hewlett-Packard's support team announced a security alert for all HP-UX servers running any version of HP-UX 11, warning the community this week that the OpenSSL security mechanism can be used to breach HP's Unix system.

Unix exploits generate critical warnings on a regular basis for HP-UX servers. To mitigate the risk, HP patches up such breeches as quickly as possible. The latest information on how to keep the security tool SSL from becoming a Unix back door, by adding patch HPSBUX02418, is available at HP's IT Response Center (ITRC) Web site.

SSRT090002 rev.1 - HP-UX Running OpenSSL, Remote Unauthorized Access
Content Type: HP-UX security bulletins digest
PRIORITY: Critical
Release Date: 03/30/2009

HP notes that HP-UX users such as those who have migrated to the company's HP 9000 or Integrity platforms will need a Response Center login ID and password to read the security bulletin. And to comply with HP's requests, the information excerpted above is

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You can sign up for automatic notice of these recurring alerts. HP instructs system administrators to initiate a subscription to receive future HP Security Bulletins via e-mail at the HP Web page for bulletins:

On the Web page: ITRC security bulletins and patch sign-up
Under Step1: your ITRC security bulletins and patches
    - check ALL categories for which alerts are required and continue.
Under Step2: your ITRC operating systems
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