Speedware hosts Eloquence, HP courses
Open source sites losing free resource

Free Jazz utilities en route to new resource

Speedware's new HP 3000 Web resource will be gaining programs from Jazz soon.

The vendor purchased host rights from HP for all the 3000- and migration-related content that Hewlett-Packard is releasing from 3000 division servers. Some HP content related to the 3000 has been retired by the vendor, such as the George Stachnik migration Webcasts of 2002-05. After Speedware posted streaming files for three Unix courses and one on IMAGE workalike database Eloquence, the vendor turns its attention to presenting the open source and HP-written utilities for MPE/iX.

Speedware's Nicolas Fortin told users the vendor could arrange early delivery of Jazz utilities for customers; send an e-mail to [email protected] to request Jazz programs or HP white papers. Fortin estimated that the package of Jazz programs will be online next month. "I expect the process to take a few weeks, without unforeseen obstacles," he said. "So a few weeks from now would probably put us sometime in the month of May, to be realistic."

Jazz programs first surfaced this spring on the Client Server Web site. The software, often written directly by or with the help of customers, makes management of HP 3000s easier.

Ultimately the programs will reside on the OpenMPE server as well. Of the multiple host sources, Fortin added, "more than one company signed the agreement with HP, and so there will be more than one source to find the HP-licensed Jazz stuff, and some additional material. It's good for the community to have several sources to pick from. I’m sure there will be some differences between the sites, in the way they make the information available, its organization and user-friendliness. Ultimately the user will pick the location that suits them."

Sources of freeware outside of the HP host license restrictions are dwindling, even as these three Web sites come online. We'll have more on that aspect of 3000 freeware tomorrow.