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Ways to Recover a 3000 Password

My operator, in his infinite wisdom, decided to change passwords on MANAGER.SYS.  Of course he forgot, or fat-finger-checked; I don’t know.  At any rate, I need some help.  Any suggestions, other than a blindfold and cigarette?

Chuck Trites offered this solution:

Do you have the GOD program, a part of MPEX, on your system? If so, it has SM capability so it will allow you to do a LISTUSER MANAGER.SYS;PASS=

Duane Percox of QSS added a simpler approach:

If your operator can log onto operator.sys:

file xt=mytape;dev=disc
file syslist=$stdlist

Using your favorite editor or other utility search for the string: "ALTUSER MANAGER  SYS"

You will notice: PAS=<the pwd>  which is your clue.

Plus, Steve Ritenour suggested that a logon to the MGR.TELSUP account will unlock the passwords. The Telesup account usually has SM capability, if it wasn't changed.

For some 3000 managers, the subject itself should be filed in a place not easily found. "These responses are all well and good," said Bruce Collins of Softvoyage, "but shouldn't we be thinking twice about posting this kind of information (how to hack an HP 3000) to the 3000 newsgroup?"

Bill Lancaster of Lund Performance Solutions disagreed. Secrecy about password recovery is not really a secret, he said.

A Google search with the right words will yield far more dangerous information about the 3000 than anything in this thread.  The genesis of this information on the net came through BBS’s in the 1980s. I’m afraid the barn door is already open.