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OpenMPE moves beyond HP efforts

Voters keeping OpenMPE flame alive

Today marks the final day of 2009 voting for OpenMPE board directors. The election began more than two weeks ago, with almost 60 ballots cast as of this morning. If that doesn't seem like a wide swath of participation, consider the range of candidates versus open seats. The ratio this year is 1:1.

Despite the lack of drama, 3000 owners are voting for the four candidates listed for the four board seats. The advocacy group is running the election to stay true to its bylaws: one annual election for volunteer positions is required. Depending on the turnout today, the election could keep pace with contested balloting from years past. OpenMPE has been working for the community since 2002.

If you act by the end of today, Feb. 27, you could add your vote to the total and help represent the 3000 homesteading community. Like OpenMPE, it's a group which will continue beyond HP's efforts for the HP 3000 owner. "Don't forget," says secretary Donna Hofmeister, who's managing the election, "your vote still matters and continues to demonstrate your support for OpenMPE's mission."

You will need to be a member of OpenMPE (it's free) to cast your ballot for incumbent directors Birket Foster, Anne Howard and Alan Tibbetts, or incoming director Tony Tibbenham. The group even has an already-migrated 3000 owner among its directors. That's an indication of the realism and thorough preparation for all post-HP possibilities. A handsome Web page with candidate biographies answers the question, "What kind of 3000 user would be involved in advocacy for a cancelled product line?"

If you're an OpenMPE member (yes, there are hundreds) you will need your membership number to cast a ballot. The voting page includes an e-mail link to Hofmeister in case you've forgotten your membership number. She's been sending gentle messages back to the voters who've gotten their number incorrect, inviting them to re-cast a valid ballot with the correct number — which she supplies.

It's another example of full service from the volunteer group which has urged HP into numerous improvements to the post-2010 policies of 3000 ownership.