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Online classroom doors close for 3000s

Keeping the brain drain to a minimum is more of a challenge for a computer community of more than three decades. Unless the system gains fresh users over such a period, its knowledge base will age, retire or move on to other, more lucrative projects.

Losing any education opportunity for the HP 3000 sets limits on how long it can thrive. But Paul Edwards and Frank Alden Smith didn't have much choice when they decided to close up It was to be a Web-based 3000 classroom, running on a proven, online teaching app. The two seasoned training pros worked hard at getting HP 3000 instruction materials out of HP's hands, once the vendor ended its 3000 classes. The HP Development Corporation has made the turnover of such HP intellectual property a serious task for third parties like Edwards and Smith.

But even when independents like that duo step up, customers need to follow in their footsteps. The 3000 community is full of entrepreneurs, not organizations running off endowments. Business has to materialize to promote an idea into an enterprise. It didn't happen for mpe-education, despite interest from 3000 customers including HP's Bangalore operations. Nobody could seem to find their checkbook.

Due to several major factors, we can no longer offer MPE/iX virtual classroom training. The lack of any company to commit funds for training, the high cost and time commitment for the virtual classroom and toll-free phone services, and the cost of our Web site are the main issues in our decision.

Edwards and Smith have not abandoned education altogether. But to learn anything about IMAGE, Suprtool, MPE/iX administration, networking or other computing arts, you will have to contract with them to appear at your site. The venture was established to let you learn online.

Alden Research and Paul Edwards and Associates invested in modernizing the old HP class materials. In some cases these two teachers were returning to materials they'd created for HP. They became the exclusive training partners with HP for 3000 education. HP's education Web pages even routed customers to the site.

It wasn't enough to light up the electrons, in spite of all the work Edwards and Smith performed. The community still needs training, of course, and these two consultants with HP certifications are available.

In the future, MPE/iX training will be on an on-site basis at the customer’s location. The cost is time and expenses for a certified education consultant. The customer will supply the complete training facility and their HP 3000 system will be used for the lab exercises.

We are sorry that the many changes in the HP e3000 community forces us into this decision. The web site will be shut down shortly and you will be directed by the HP MPE/iX education pages to the web site of Paul Edwards & Associates. Go to the Education Services page of the Paul Edwards site for a list of courses offered and contact information.