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Keep up with the 3000 community in social nets

Social networks are embracing the 3000 community this year. The popular sites Facebook and Linked In both have 3000-dedicated groups now. Out on Linked In, I've just now been joined by the 100th other Linked In member in the 3000 Community Group. It's good to get to triple digits. OpenMPE has triple-digit membership too, as does the bellwether of 3000 groups, the 3000-L mailing list/newsgroup.

There is also an HP 3000 Appeciation Society group on Facebook, launched by Steve Hobday. It has 36 members this morning, and some are not on the Linked In 3000 Community Group.

Joining these groups is free and very non-invasive. It is also one of the best ways to stay current with people who know your area of expertise and can recall the history of your great platform.

Today OpenMPE begins its 2009 election for board of directors, an effort that will drive more people into membership (also free). Personalized social networks have a stickiness to membership which newsgroups and mailing lists lack. Even though the 3000-L has more than 1,000 readers through newsgroup client software, fewer than 600 subscribers remain tied in via e-mail.

No matter whether you've migrated, are in the process of moving or are staying long-term with the platform, these online networks have great potential. Jobs, contracts and information could be just a message away. They are also a way to stay visible in the community. Working with a computer which the vendor has scuttled can invite lonliness. Social networks welcome your differences by celebrating what you hold in common.