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IMAGE logging: the poor man's shadow

Tracy Johnson, a business analyst at Measurement Specialties and an OpenMPE board member, suggested recently that the logging feature of the 3000's database IMAGE has powerful potential.

IMAGE logging is a wonderful tool for audit purposes, presuming you have the programs to read them. Ergo, we bought a tool to read our IMAGE logs from MANMAN/HP, and it has proven a remarkable means to establish blame and do finger-pointing.

Johnson's finger is aided by a third-party tool. The HP 3000 environment grew rich and powerful over the past three decades as a result of third-party engineering such as the software from Summit Systems.

David Byrns of Summit Systems, which serves the 3000 manufacturing community but creates all manner of tools for 3000s, explained. "The 3000 Audit Tool that Tracy refers to works on all HP 3000 applications that use IMAGE, not just MANMAN."

The Audit Tool has had a long history of helping 3000 customers. Nearly four years ago we detailed the software's scope in a story written before our current blog went online. We wrote:

Byrns has built a career out of keeping manufacturing companies online and up to date on HP 3000 systems. His latest tool can go to work outside those factories to make SOX compliance easier for the 3000’s lean IT staffs.

“This is my first tool that goes beyond the MANMAN community,” Byrns said. “I wrote this for MANMAN sites, but there’s been a lot of interest from other sites, too.”

Our 2005 article has more details on this tool to empower your HP 3000's logging potential.