$500 license to exit market in months
3000 Jazz content transfer a big task

HP, Jazz programs earning new home

Speedware has announced that it's hard at work creating an independent resource for the software that HP used to offer the 3000 community via the HP Jazz Web server. Speedware became a licensee of the HP content from Jazz — programs, papers, documentation and freeware which HP had copyrighted — last month.

Speedware also signed licenses with HP to re-host the HP 3000 documentation and HP's migration training materials. The agreements give Speedware the rights to re-host those documents as well as the MPE/iX programs. The new resource holds the promise of becoming a centralized point for 3000 materials of all kinds, much like a Jazz resource located outside HP, Once Speedware finishes the transfer for the hosting, the third party supplier of migration services and 3000 software said it will maintain the same price point for the resources: free.

The software will be located in the HP e3000 Resources section of the Speedware Web site, said product marketing manager Nicolas Fortin. The vendor posted a notice on the 3000 newsgroup, outlining its intentions and calling out a few sample programs which will be available for downloading.

Fortin said the content will include the MPE/iX-to-HP-UX cross-reference guides known as commands xref, programming api xref and sysadmin funcs xref, some of the Jazz server content, and the online HP e3000 transition courses known as “HP-UX from an MPE perspective: System and usage configuration,”  “HP-UX  from an MPE perspective: Networks,” and “Quick Start to UNIX”.

We would also like the community to know that we will be working hard to relocate this information as quickly as possible. In the meantime, should you have questions or need earlier access to these contents, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].
The courses, cross-reference guide and JAZZ content will soon be available at www.speedware.com/HPe3000_resources.  We’re looking forward to making them available to the community.
We will inform everyone once the relocation is complete with a message on the 3000-L, in the 3000 NewsWire, and on our Web site’s main page.