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Micro Focus takes new step into computing clouds

COBOL vendor Micro Focus announced that it supports the Amazon Web Service Elastic Compute Cloud Platform. Micro Focus calls the support Enterprise Cloud Services, and it said the support continues a "cloud agnostic strategy" for COBOL apps.

This strategy allows customers to choose how and when they want certain applications to reach the cloud. Micro Focus previously announced support for Microsoft’s Azure Platform and will continue to partner with key cloud vendors to maximize customer choice.

Amazon's EC2 platform is another means to implement a cloud computing infrastructure, a solution that can save money on implementation. Micro Focus said being "cloud agnostic" could save millions as cloud adoption grows. Cloud support is a function that homesteading HP 3000 sites can't access through a COBOL suite.

Micro Focus said its new services "require zero rewriting of code, saving customers millions of dollars in comparison to alternative options." The services use an enterprise’s existing encryption keys to secure mission critical data while in motion (over the network), or while stored on persistent cloud storage.

Micro Focus CTO Mark Haynie said the cloud services provide a means to stay inside leaner budgets in the year to come. "“To innovate in today’s tough economic climate, enterprises must embrace flexibility and cost effective modernization strategies. We will be alongside every customer as they navigate the cloud with tighter IT budgets and an increased focus on fast results.”