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Contributed tool spools 3000 output to Word

Michael Anderson, one of the independent support providers and contract developers in the 3000 community, posed a question: How can you get the 3000's spooler output into shape for use in Microsoft Word?

There's an answer among the third party tools, yes; Hillary Software’s product, ByRequest. The product will pick up spoolfiles from the HP 3000 and convert them into Word or Excel format. But what if your 3000 budget is as tamped down as the stock market? You'd be looking for something created by the community.

Dave Powell has your answer. He's built a command file called hp2rtf, tapping the Rich Text Format that's a little-used but powerful bridge for Word document exchange.

Powell recently said

My “hp2rtf” command file will convert spool-file reports that aren’t too fancy into rich text format on the HP 3000 side. Then you can FTP or e-mail to almost any machine with any semi-civilized word processor. Rich-text support is pretty universal. It converts HP page breaks, and more, and has a parameter for font size, which defaults to a size that will let you fit 132 columns on a  page in landscape mode.

You can get hptrtf from Powell by e-mailing him. The software is another candidate for finding a home on that community software server that OpenMPE is assembling.