In HP's lee, solo experts keep up 3000s
What the Community Is Doing Now

Where they are now: Robelle founders

Robelle is a household name among vendors and leaders of the HP 3000 community, helping companies remain on the platform "until at least 2016," according to its Web site. Suprtool is also a key component in enabling migrations from MPE/iX to HP-UX. Good tools have a wide scope of functionality.

The company was founded by Bob Green in the late 1970s, and soon afterward joined and bolstered by David Greer. Early in this decade, Greer left Robelle for adventures on a two-year family Mediterranean sailing cruise, while Green took full ownership of the company and kept its offerings abreast of the community's needs, relying on the expertise of developer Neil Armstrong and the support team in the company's Vancouver, BC offices.

Bobbeach03 Green was at the birth of the HP 3000 inside Hewlett-Packard, writing for the company and documenting the launch team's work. During the 1990s he opened a branch of Robelle on the island of Anguilla in the British West Indies. Bob (at left on that beach) updated us recently on his development workplaces and Robelle's operations. Meanwhile, Greer rejoined the IT world after his sabbatical, taking on management and marketing positions outside the 3000 community.

Green said that island life in the Carribean still floats his boat. "Our permanent residence is still Anguilla. But we also spend time in St. Barths, and during Aug-Sept. we are in Asheville, NC for hurricane season."

While he praised us for keeping the threads of the HP 3000 community alive, Green said that Robelle's business has held on "much later than I ever expected." Armstrong long ago converted Suprtool to run on the HP Integrity servers under HP-UX -- and HP's Alvina Nishimoto said this year that the Unix version of this database tool has prompted many 3000 migrations onto Unix, rather than Windows. The future of Robelle's Qedit programmer development suite looks sound, too.

Greer2008 As for Greer, he's a prolific member of the Linked In online social network, and he just published a management strategy paper called "Thriving Through the Downturn: Eleven Strategies That Will Make Your Company Boom." He served on IT startup boards on his return to the industry, and now is a senior advisor to VanRx Pharmaceuticals and CEO Chris Procyshyn. His Linked In profile states that

David mines his decades of business and entrepreneurial experience to provide advice on corporate development, business plans, product strategy, and financing. He is excited at the potential for the company and its products to dramatically change and improve the manufacturing and production of aseptic drugs.