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Source code can help support rise above HP's

Allegro Consultants is the keystone of the Resource 3000 operation, and Allegro is coming up on its 25th anniversary. That's only a few years less than the HP 3000 has been serving businesses, and Allegro's services now trend toward support of the community, customers using both HP's Unix servers as well as MPE. Allegro is glad for HP's offer of a reference source code license.

"For most of those years, we have been offering premium MPE Operating System support for our customers," president Steve Cooper said of Allegro's mission. "We applaud HP’s efforts discussed in their latest announcement and intend to apply for the privileges offered."

"The availability of source code access will allow us, as support providers and developers of system-level software products, to further improve our ability to provide 'at least as good as HP' products and services to assist customers with their HP e3000 systems."

Cooper points out that anything which HP shares on such a deep technical level will lift independent supporters to a higher level. If your support team has people who can read MPE/iX source, the HP license is bound to help.

This access will further enhance our ability to create binary patches to the operating system, which will make it possible for us to address future needs  such as critical bug repairs and security fixes. In addition, it’s possible that new functionality can be provided for things such as interoperability with new peripherals and communications standards.

While many HPe3000 customers have completed their transitions off of the platform, a great many others continue to run their most critical business functions on their trusty MPE/iX systems and will likely continue to do so for many years to come. Whether these customers eventually complete a successful migration or choose to remain on the platform indefinitely, HP’s decision to license the operating system source code should help allay many of their concerns.  And as always, we stand committed to supporting them for many years to come.