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November 24, 2008

Now playing, our November print issue

Last night we posted the pages for our November printed NewsWire issue online. It's a 20MB PDF file, so it may take a little while to download. But the issue contains five articles which we have not yet posted to the blog, so you can read them in advance. We will have them up here over the next week or two.

And if you'd like your own mailed copy of the November issue, send an e-mail with a postal address.

Don't forget to check back here early tomorrow for breaking news about the HP advisory,  concerning the vendor's end-game issues around its 3000 operations post-2010. It's the second of three communiques on how HP means to resolve what it likes to call "end of life" issues.

We also expect to have a brief report later today -- within a few hours after the markets close -- on the full release of HP's Q4 financials.

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