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Two more ways to Connect with HP users

HP user group Connect has opened up two more avenues toward becoming part of the new HP enterprise user community. Connect promotes "community voice" rather than advocacy. The group also has only migration advice to offer HP 3000 users, as well as good training in HP's 3000 alternatives, plus a brand-new, just emerging social network application to connect with Unix, Linux or Windows HP users.

When you add all that up, it's not a bad deal for the HP 3000 community member who has chosen to move on to another environment. The first avenue Connect is opening up is the November Community Connect Europe 2008 conference. Connect has now opened up online registration for the event. The meeting on November 10-12 in Mannheim, Germany is the first of its kind for the European members of Connect. The group has announced:

Be a part of history and register today to join hundreds of other HP users, exhibitors, and HP associates on 10-12 November 2008 in Mannheim, Germany for the first-ever Community Connect Europe 2008 — the first European event presented by Connect, Your Independent HP Business Technology Community.

The Connect Europe meeting has announced an "early-bird" discount deadline (Sept. 22 to save 200 Euro) and keynote speaker Martin Fink, HP's Senior Vice President and General Manager of Business Critical Systems (BCS). BCS is the group which has control of the roadmap for HP's Unix and Linux solutions.

Connect promises Fink's keynote will feature a roadmap into futures for HP enterprise servers. His talk will be "an insightful session covering the BCS roadmap and the future of the technologies you depend on every day." Fink is the first announced content for the event; Connect advised the community to "check Featured Speaker page frequently for continuous updates on keynote presentations planned for Community Connect Europe 2008."

If travel to Europe's Connect conference isn't in your 2008 budget and schedule, you may want to take part in working on Connect's 2008-2009 Board of Directors. The organization is "governed by a membership-elected international volunteer Board of Directors that is responsible for establishing policy and setting the strategic vision and goals for Connect." HP 3000-aware members of this board have already included Speedware's Chris Koppe, and Steve Davidek, former Interex Advocacy manager and current HP 3000 administrator for the City of Sparks, Nevada.

Connect needs to see applications for candidates by Sept. 4, and it's got a form to be completed and submitted to the current Board of Directors. A nominating committee inteviews applicants next month. The group reminds the HP enterprise community that board members have the opportunity to:

  • Provide your insight to shape Connect programs and services
  • Help Connect provide a forum to share member knowledge across the entire community
  • Gain unprecedented access to HP executives through our in-person Board meetings

Users or their company must be a current paid member of Connect, and any candidate must have experience working with a not-for-profit organization, "either as a volunteer or in a leadership position. This can be as a volunteer with Connect or in another similar organization."

Scott Healy, the Nominating & Election Committee Chairperson, laid out the director commitment and schedule for the election, the first to be held by the merged groups of ITUG (NonStop/Tandem), HP Interex-Europe and the former Encompass:

Serving as a member of the Connect Board of Directors requires a time commitment of approximately six hours per month for monthly conference calls and any subsequent e-mail and telephone correspondence. In addition, Board members attend three in-person board meetings and may be asked to participate in ad hoc conference calls for brainstorming or strategic discussions. A position on the Board of Directors is a two-year time commitment.

The selected slate of candidates will be announced to the membership on October 6, when voting will commence online, continuing until October 31.