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Measuring the 3000's Posix empire

These past few days have seen me working on a project to process files in the HP 3000's HFS Posix directory. My Series 917LX is running under 6.5 PowerPatch 3. What is the maximum size a 3000's Posix structure can be?

HP's community liaison to the 3000 world Craig Fairchild replies:

There are no system enforced limits on directory depth or absolute system path name. Most interfaces won’t gracefully handle pathnames longer than PATH_MAX which is 1024 characters. So pick a number (say 1024) and return an error if you ever see a path longer than that.

As an addendum, Fairchild revealed more about how HP set up Posix the interface most like Unix, on the 3000.

As an aside, even though the CI’s command buffer size is much smaller than PATH_MAX, you can still use relative naming to perform any operation on any file or directory, no matter how long its absolute path name. There is a limit on the maximum length of any one directory component (255 characters in an HFS directory, 16 characters in the root, account and group directories) which is well within the CI command buffer length.

I find that the ability to have names that are longer than eight characters, and a hierarchical directory structure that allows for a more logical structure, as some of the compelling reasons not to be limited to the 8.8.8 MPE namespace.