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Camus_logor The ERP user group CAMUS is holding its annual conference once again, a two-day meeting in Kansas City next month. The group focuses on manufacturing application issues, with a majority of its members running ERP on HP 3000s, or working on a migration away from that platform.

The theme for the 2008 meeting is Sustain Your Chain. Highlights for the September 17-18 meeting include

  • Going Green — Environmentally Conscious Practices Save Money
  • Inventory Reduction  — Dollars & Sense
  • Systems Management Best Practices
  • Regulatory Compliance - SOX, FDA, RoHS, Europe & China
  • Migration Paths
  • Workshops for testing new ideas

The user group has extended its hotel reservation deadline by one week, so you can register for the conference and get a special rate by Aug. 16. A CAMUS meeting is an intimate affair; you won't confuse it with the throngs at the HP Technology Forum. But percentage-wise, this conference carries a much higher number of users and vendors with HP 3000 experience and advice. Plus, the group's current president is Terry Floyd, founder of the Support Group, inc., a mainstay of HP 3000 resources and services.

You can download a PDF document with details on this year's conference, or look up specific session abstracts at the CAMUS Web site.

CAMUS, like every other user group which mounts a conference, has reserved a block of hotel rooms. The group, which has been in the black all along and was established back in the 1970s, needs its conference users to fill up that hotel block. (IBM Common conferences insist on this, but it's an option for the attendees at the HP Tech Forum.)

CAMUS Attendees should call the Holiday Inn at the Plaza, the site of the conference, to make their reservations at 816-753-7400.

Presenters already confirmed at the conference include lots of 3000 experts:

Measurement Specialties: Bob Andreini, Terry Simpkins
Managing Regulatory Compliance in the US & Abroad
(Measurement Specialties has spent the last five years establishing IT operations across multiple manufacturing sites in China, all being run by HP 3000 apps.)

ASK TERRI: Terri Glendon Lanza
Advanced Planning & Scheduling with MANMAN

MagicAire, Ed Stein
Shipping – MANMAN vs. SAP

entSGo: Bob Corrigan, Sue Kiezel
How to Move from MANMAN to IFS in a step-by-step process.

Floyd was instrumental in getting non-MANMAN using members Associate status in the group, to extend the range of expertise available in this ERP-focused group. He notes in his President's letter for this year

CAMUS is still vibrant, thanks to a handful of volunteers, and we intend to stay involved with MANMAN as long as there are members supporting us.Membership has been stable and chances are good for picking up a few new members from the ranks of the homesteaders who understand the need for a “community.”  Interest in a nationwide CAMUS Conference in 2008 and in 2009 has inspired the Board to plan for continued existence through the end of this decade.
In the last few years, a growing number of ISVs and resellers are also becoming more interested in the migration aspects of the MANMAN market.  As you continue to consider other ERP packages to replace MANMAN, pay close attention to the ones who have been active with CAMUS. They understand your interests and want to help you prepare for a future without MANMAN.
We are confident that dozens of companies will continue to run MANMAN well into the next decade.  The current Board wants to make sure that even if we dissolve CAMUS in a few more years, there is a way for those who stay with MANMAN to carry on the CAMUS motto: “Users Helping Users.”