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Something new mixes up data

Over the weekend, a new resource to encrypt 3000 data poked into the community's picture.

Brian Donaldson posted a message onto the 3000 Internet newsgroup, to tease readers with a few details about new software for the 3000.

We now have an application available that will allow users to encrypt data items. Uses the industry standard AES256 technology.

Adheres to TurboIMAGE rules --

  • Automatics are excluded form the app
  • Key items in manual master datasets cannot be encrypted.
  • Search/sort items in detail sets linked to manual masters cannot be encrypted

With security near the top of everyone's concerns, encryption is a hot item in current IT strategies. Orbit Software sells the AES256 level. One supplier to the Ecometry e-commerce user base sells an encryption solution, too.

Donaldson said that the beta version of the software "will allow you to encrypt data items of type X and U. A 30-day demo version is available to one and all who request it."

Contact Donaldson at [email protected], or 818.781.4296.