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Questions we all want answered

Back in March the Greater Houston RUG hosted the GHRUG International Technology Conference. This was a meeting full of 3000 customers, many of whom were looking for migration justifications, advice, as well as assurances that homesteading had its merits, too.

Just at the finale of the conference, Alan Yeo of ScreenJet and I dreamed up some questions we planned to handle on a roundtable to conclude the conference. Then an HP employee took an extra 40 minutes to explain virtualization on the HP-UX, and these questions went into limbo.

Well, not exactly into limbo, but into my notebook, since they are good questions many 3000 sites either want answered, or can answer from experience. Take this test and see if you can write a couple of sentences for each.

1. What are the biggest mistakes when people are migrating?
2. What do you perceive as the greatest risks in homesteading?

There are eight more, each providing a proving point for a migration choices and pace of your movement, if any, away from the MPE/iX environment.

The other eight, including a really wide-ranging one at the end:

3. What are the main technical problems that people find during migration?
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of emulating the MPE environment?
5. What OS choices are you making and why, and what seem to be the pros and cons?
6. What third party tools represent the biggest problems to duplicate when migrating?
7. What preparation would you do now, even if you don't intend to be migrating for several years?
8. Isn't migration from the HP 3000 inevitable?
9. How can Linux help me if I'm homesteading or when I migrate?

The doozy:

10. What are you doing now, honestly?

I'd love to see comments and replies to this entry. I plan to push it in print, over the 3000 newsgroup, and even up on the social networks. Chime in, even if it's just one of the 10. You should ensure that your migration advisor or supplier can answer these for you, too.