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HP helps 3000 open source effort

Hewlett-Packard's contribution to open source software on the 3000 has been profound since the late 1990s. That's when the vendor added Java to the operating environment subsystems and began to ensure that fundamentals like Samba were included in the 3000's toolset.

But one of the more significant — and perhaps final — contributions from HP to the 3000 community's open source users showed up about a month or so before the recent HP Technology Forum. HP posted an open source porting white paper, using Samba as its example, as a guide to porting programs to MPE/iX.

HP community liaison Craig Fairchild notes the paper that covers Samba/iX 3.0.22 "is intended to serve multiple purposes; to help specifically with any future Samba ports, and to help generally with other open source porting efforts."

Fairchild explains that the paper is intended for:

  - non-HP e3000 programmers to become more adept at porting open source software to MPE/iX
  - documenting the steps used in the porting of Samba/iX version 3.0.22
  - expansion of a few selected porting concepts beyond Samba
  - supplementing existing porting sources on the Jazz Web site.