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Some stay, and some just have arrived. After Gary Sielaff told the community he was about to unplug his HP 3000 — and was preparing to hear screams from users about the replacement Windows system's Blue Screen of Death — a new user asked about basic database backup.

I just started learning an HP 3000 — I guess we are going in different directions. I have an HP 3000 connected to an Win32 IIS box. How would I go about backing up the database before I go running DOALL commands?

Matt Perdue replied:

Start out by doing a test:


This should backup all the files in the PUB group of the account you're logged in currently and if it works will prove your version of STORE can do a store to disc backup. If it doesn't work do: :FILE STORFILE;DEV=TAPE :STORE @.PUB;*STORFILE;SHOW and the operator (perhaps you) will have to put a tape in and respond to the tape request on the console.

Substitute the "@.PUB" for the database name (e.g. [email protected] if your database is named ARDB and it's in the DATA group) and store your database to either disc or tape.

You can read the full thread of comments, including Gary's, at the 3000 newsgroup archives.

Perdue, a member of the OpenMPE board, added some general advice for the new HP 3000 user:

See for the MPE/iX documentation or use the link off HP's Jazz Web site at or just directly to

Look for "MPE/iX System Utilities Reference Manual" for the version of the operating system on your machine. To tell that, do a SHOWME and the version will be shown on a line such as:

RELEASE: C.75.00 MPE/iX HP31900 C.45.05 USER VERSION: C.75.00


RELEASE: C.70.01 MPE/iX HP31900 C.39.06 USER VERSION: C.70.01

The first example is 7.5 and the second is 7.0