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Euro learning connects all in Fall

Connecteurope Now that the three HP user groups — ITUG, Encompass, and HP-Interex EMEA — have formed up as Connect, the new entity is rebranding and expanding a conference. (Connect officials said at the recent HP Technology Forum that two of the three organizations, including Encompass, ceased to exist in their old names.)

Community Connect Europe 2008 will open up in Mannheim, Germany Nov. 10-12. The meeting has been an ITUG (Tandem/NonStop) event in past years, but Connect is working to expand the content to include all HP Enterprise platforms which HP continues to offer.

The conference organizers are accepting proposals for presentations through Monday, July 21. The event's speaker team wants papers on Linux, blade technology use and strategy, security, business continuity and Service Oriented Architecture.

Probably more importantly to the HP 3000 customer, the meeting will deliver instruction and advice on the above topics, some of which may be emerging technology choices to even a veteran IT manager.

Speakers receive complimentary Community Connect Europe 2008 registrations. You'll get one complimentary registration per session "valued up to 1,100 Euros or more." (With the US Dollar trading at about $1.60 per Euro, this comp registration is right in line with the price of the HP Technology Forum's full-monty package.) This registration includes access to all conference activities, scheduled meals and social functions, and conference program materials.

There's also an Expo Hall on offer at the event, with about two dozen exhibitors signed up this week along with HP. Event organizers are seeking companies to take space on the show floor, too.