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Escaping an HP 3000

We’re having trouble entering an escape character in MPE’s editor. Is there a trick to it?  We’re trying to change the instructions it sends to a printer.

Lars Appel replies:

I typically use some form of change or changeQ command when texting a file that contains escape characters and before saving it again.

/text myfile
/changeQ ‘27 to ‘126 in all
... edit file ...
/changeQ ‘126 to ‘27 in all

Using something like ~ (ASCII code 126) during the edit session. Of course, it only works if there is no ~ normally in the file.

Dave Powell adds:

Nowdays I keep permanent human-readable env files in a separate group, so conversions are one-way only and I never have to change esc back into ~.  When I got tired of changing ~ into esc I wrote a simple COBOL program to do it. It also knows how to filter out my comments, so I can make my human-readable env files even more readable.

Craig Lalley adds:

Turn on display functions first.