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Minisoft's IMAGE/Eloquence tool: A Provider

Microsoft is a major player in most IT enterprises, and the company which brought us Vista is big enough to change the rules. It employs de-facto standards to "embrace and extend," and one change for Microsoft Windows Server database access has spawned a new IMAGE and Eloquence tool. Perennial HP 3000 software provider Minisoft serves up this tool for Windows Servers this month.

Minisoft explains why the new OLE DB Provider can bridge the path between HP 3000 data and other servers in the Windows line in the years to come. Windows, after all, is the leading choice of 3000 migration sites by number, if not by size of IT budget.

The new Minisoft OLE DB Provider opens the door to a rich set of  development tools and platforms for Microsoft Windows Servers. Microsoft recently announced that OLE DB will be the method by which all information is accessed. The Microsoft OLE DB to ODBC Bridge known as MSDASQL is not available for the 64-bit environment.

The roadmap for future Microsoft applications requires using OLE DB data sources to  “provide uniform access to data stored in diverse information sources." The Minisoft OLE DB Provider provides that access to your existing IMAGE and Eloquence databases.

This is the first that we've heard of a data bridge that's been branded under the Provider name, but hey, Microsoft's OLE announcement is pretty recent by Minisoft's accounting. Minisoft goes on to explain where its Provider will help in IMAGE and Eloquence access. Migrating or homesteading, you still have to access data.

Use the Minisoft OLE DB Provider for IMAGE/Eloquence to resolve the following issues:

Transparent access to your Image/Eloquence data from the 32-bit or 64-bit editions of SQL Server 2005.

Integrate IMAGE or Eloquence database access smoothly into your .NET application development environment.

Continue accessing Image or Eloquence data with Microsoft Visual Studio, Borland development tools, Microsoft Access (through VBA), ActiveX Scripts, Crystal Reports, Windows Scripting, IIS web applications (ASP and ASP.NET) by using the Minisoft OLE DB Provider.

Minisoft offers evaluation copies of its software at the Downloads page of its Web site.