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Encompass wants an alliance decision

Now that user group Encompass and its allies have hashed out the details of their consolidation, it's time for the user group community to vote on the proposed alliance. The vote is part of the charter for the new group, which might be called Endeavor. (The HP world will learn the new group's name at the HP Technology Forum, co-sponsored by the allied groups, June 16-19)

You need to be an encompass member with an up-to-date member ID to vote on the alliance of user groups ITUG (Tandem), Encompass, Interex Europe and Encompass Pacific Rim. These groups are likely to merge anyway, but they need the official blessing from their combined members. (Interex Europe has 35,000 members who belong to a group not associated with the failed user group of the same name in North Ameria.)

Details from Steve Davidek, former Interex advocacy member and current Encompass Director of Advocacy, Chapters & SIGs:

As announced and addressed in various forums over the past several months, ITUG, Encompass and HP-Interex EMEA intend to join forces to create a new, unified global community for HP enterprise users.

As a member of the Encompass user group, I would like to encourage you to vote on the consolidation.  Your vote plays a crucial role in the fate of the new organization.

Davidek manages an HP 3000 installation at the City of Sparks, Nevada and is in the process of organizing a migration there, but still running the system in interim homestead mode.

An e-mail with your member ID and logon information was sent from Encompass HQ on March 27th. If you need help getting this information, please contact Encompass HQ at (312)321-5151 or  at i[email protected]

Davidek offered a link to the secure Encompass site used for voting.


Migrating HP 3000 customers like City of Sparks will find Encompass is tuned to the needs of the transitioning MPE/iX customer. How much advocacy the group can do on behalf of the entire 3000 community remains to be seen, but president Nina Buik has expressed hope the group can make a differenc — especially in its larger alliance conglomeration.