Migration: Not just a 3000 project
HP user groups crank up consolidation

The many views of your community

Perspectives Adager's Alfredo Rego covered a broad swath of subjects at the recent GHRUG International Technology Conference. His keynote talk ranged from "parables" of Ford executives who had no user experience with the cars they designed and marketed, to the Bank of America founder — whose said his lending requirements began with "people whose character I trust."

Each story seemed to have some connection to the life of a 3000 user in the Transition Era, and one section of Rego's talk addressed the many ways to view HP's 3000 profile these days, as well as views of the community.

"It is something which can be viewed from many different angles," he said. "There is HP's high perspective. The lowly user perspective. The vendor perspective." Each segment went onto the chalkboard behind him in a room where students received instruction. At that moment, Rego could be viewed in a teacher's perspective.

"HP wants to send one message that won't confuse," he said. "There are also many perspectives of users, such as those who couldn't wait for HP to get out of the market in 2001, to provide a reason for them to move away from the 3000, using hired guns."

Rego drew a link back to his Bank of America parable, in which the founder knew his customer community from a "rubber meets the road" perspective. With the sub-prime debacle caused by outside management as a modern day allegory, Rego reminded the GHRUG  attendees about the security of using a close-up perspective.

Alfredo_at_board "Whenever you get hired guns, managing things they have no clue about, all hell breaks loose," he said. Not that HP has nothing but hired guns managing its relations with this community, of course. "I have had the pleasure of working with very technical people at the lowest possible bits and bytes level HP since 1974," he said.

The pleasure seemed to fade further up HP's management line. "I was frightened when I spoke to HP's managers some time ago and asked them, 'Have you run an HP 3000 application?' I said oh boy, this is the beginning of the end. That is something to keep in mind, because it is pretty predictable."