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Migration: Not just a 3000 project

HP 3000 users are not alone among migrators in the Hewlett-Packard world. The top two alternatives to the system, from HP's point of view, also bear migration concerns. Windows and HP-UX environment customers both faced migration messages this week.

Users of the more popular target among HP 3000 migration sites, Windows, are listening for what Microsoft will do about the expiration date for Windows XP. The seven-year-old environment is being dropped by Microsoft in favor of Vista, an operating system which has had just 20 percent adoption in one year's time. A remarkably low number, considering how many new PCs ship only with Vista.

Microsoft has told large computer makers such as HP to stop selling XP as of the end of June. This deadline, like the one HP stated for its HP 3000 support, has already been extended once, from January 1 of this year. A CNET news article supposes that Microsoft is not far away from extending the sales deadline for XP once again.

Then there's HP-UX, the proprietary Unix which HP's Alvinia Nishimoto described as a popular choice for the migrating customers which HP tracks. Just today the Encompass user group, in cooperation with HP, started surveying about why users are "either planning or actively migrating your environment to Integrity or another platform." So away from PA-RISC Unix or MPE, but on to something other than HP's Unix? Encompass wants to know more.

The invitation to take the survey is entitled "HP-UX Migration Plan Checkpoint Survey," with nary a mention of HP 3000 or MPE/iX. This is about moving on from HP's Unix.

As you continue in planning and migrating your environment, we would like to check in with a quick 5-minute survey. As always we value your inputs which help us focus and prioritize on areas of importance to our customers.

HP 3000 customers might want to overlook the "As always" part of the last sentence, since at the moment the vendor isn't focusing on input from the OpenMPE advocacy group. But that's another issue. The HP-UX Migration Plan survey wants to know how many of the following systems will be the target of a migration away from HP 9000 HP-UX (HP9000) servers:

  • HP-UX on HP Integrity
  • Linux on HP Integrity
  • Windows on HP Integrity   
  • OpenVMS on HP Integrity
  • Linux on HP ProLiant   
  • Windows on HP ProLiant   
  • UNIX on HP ProLiant   
  • UNIX on non-HP servers   
  • Linux on non-HP servers   
  • Windows non-HP servers

At least the questions are ranked in order of HP's most proprietary solutions, and OpenVMS is included. The survey asks if availability of current applications meet a customer's needs in migration to Integrity. The number of Integrity apps, based on the Itanium architecture, were an issue while HP was ramping up its Integrity (Itanium-based offerings).

HP/Encompass asks "What are your primary criteria for selecting a migration target platform:

  • Relationship with vendor
  • Quality/reliability
  • Highest performance
  • Best price/performance   
  • Lowest cost/price   
  • Availability of applications   
  • Compatibility with current systems   
  • Power consumption/footprint

Finally, the user group serving HP's enterprise customers wants to know which of these considerations will drive the choice of a target platform

  • Application or data center consolidation
  • Implement a Service Oriented Architecture
  • Scale-Out deployment
  • Implementing server virtualization
  • Deploying blade servers
  • Migration to HP-UX v3

You can take the survey yourself if you're moving off HP-UX on PA-RISC. Everybody who participates gets a chance in a drawing for "HP logo Travel Gear." We got a swell backpack with the HP logo during our visit to last year's Technology Forum, without even travelling away from HP-UX.