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Ask A Migration Expert

A new Web-based service offers free advice and answers questions with direct e-mail replies to customers in the 3000 community

The community bristles with spots to ask migration questions, including the HP 3000 newsgroup, engagements with consultants, and even initial meetings with prospective migration suppliers. Speedware has opened several Web pages to gather and then answer questions for free.

The Ask a Migration Expert page is “another avenue to ask questions,” said Speedware’s marketing director Chris Koppe. The page at, taps “an unmatched talent pool here,” he said.

The goal is to expose Speedware’s group of HP 3000 experts to the community, “and let more than just our customers benefit from it.” Questions are directed to the Speedware experts who provide answers through a separate e-mail contact. A link on the main Ask An Expert site opens up a list of community members' typical questions

An FAQ page pops up frequently asked migration questions, too. Speedware plans to build out the FAQ information.

Migration brings a lot of attention through the Web, Koppe added, and some questions arrive from misdirected but earnest people looking for advice on immigration, or emigration.

“We’ve gotten questions from a person in the Philippines like, “Is it open to Ireland government for Filipinos? What is the qualification to migrate in Ireland?’ Or from a person in Iran: ‘How can I take a visa from your embassy in Iran? is it possible for me to go to the Netherlands?’ “

Speedware will be enhancing the Ask a Migration Expert service over the next few months, he added. “Having it at our site is useful, but having it visible from other sites and allowing other people to benefit from it is a better use of it.”