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Webcast shows off 10 gigabit Ethernet

Xframeii Thursday afternoon (US time) HP will be showing off its fastest enterprise networking to date. In a 2PM Eastern Webcast, Network and Storage IO Manager Parissa Mohamadi of HP will give a tour of the features of the "10 GbE" offering on both Integrity and PA-RISC servers.

Sign up for the Webcast at the Encompass site; membership is not required for this program. Supply the password "hpencompass" at the start of the registration form, then choose your own password for the Webcast. The briefing is designed for datacenter managers.

While this networking advance doesn't operate on the HP 3000, the new technology is a selling point in advancing a migration strategy. Benefits of a migration need to go beyond the "we're getting off the HP 3000" target, and new technology like this can make better use of virtualization capabilities in HP-UX.

The Encompass Webcast is sponsored by Neterion, which has its XFrame II devices at the heart of HP's 10GbE. The XFrame II relies on Ethernet, which Neterion describes "the proven industry-standard for 30 years." If that sounds like the server in your environment which HP is stepping away from, well, Ethernet has had technology refreshes over and over again.

The fastest Ethernet traffic an HP 3000 can handle today is 100 megabits. Customers asked HP for 1-gigabit networking for many years, but the vendor always said the project was too large for HP's remaining MPE/iX development resources. The new technology is 10 times faster than the enhancement request HP declined back in 2004.

The Neterion device also has drivers for Windows and Linux servers as well as HP-UX, but it's a good bet that the HP IO expert will focus on the benefits you might capture using HP's Integrity servers running HP-UX. Encompass offered a pre-briefing interview (MP3 file, 90 seconds) with Mohamadi on the networking and clustering technology. HP says the technology can save costs, power, and bus slots while providing a "future-proofed IO architecture."

Full details on how to sign on for the Webcast (20 slots were open this morning):

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