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Top 2007 Stories, Part 2

HP reached out for more HP 3000 relevance in 2007 with a Right to Use License, one of the top news stories of 2007. Outside suppliers made at least as much impact on the majority of the community, despite being only a fraction of the size of Hewlett-Packard. The news in 2007 showed that size can be measured in dedication as well as resource.

Continuing our 2007 countdown of top stories:

9. A third party picked up the challenge of extending an HP product lifespan. Not by actually taking on HP source code, but by returning to the source of HP Transact design — that's how ScreenJet  offered a future for customers using Transact applications. Somewhere out there, people outside HP created the solutions HP sold to customers over the past 20 years. ScreenJet joined forces with Transact's creator David Dummer to offer Transaction, a vehicle that might carry a customer on a 3000 for many years to come, or help them move onto a new platform.

8. HP offered retirement plans that lured some of its most visible 3000 links out of the company. Community liaison Jeff Vance and OpenMPE link Mike Paivinen both took early retirement offers to leave the 3000 group inside HP. HP moved other experts into the jobs, but the exits showed a serious side to the composition of the 3000 expertise: advancing years crossing over careers. Vance took a post with a third party vendor who's still supporting HP 3000 sites, but also offering a vendor-neutral K-12 solution.

7. Independent organizations kept pushing at 3000 events. Encompass held its largest user conference ever during a week of June, where HP introduced its new community liaisions for the platform. Greater Houston's Regional User Group kept working to assemble a meeting that will include 3000 content. And in the biggest surprise, a 3000 meeting developed in just three months' time as the e3000 Community Meet opened eyes and meeting doors in San Francisco.