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Still hiring after all these years

It's not a commonplace discovery, but we do see job postings for HP 3000 expertise and management in the IT world today. These positions can be nearly full-time, but rarely permanent. However, any employment that relies on MPE/iX savvy is worth a look, if you're an IT pro who wants to leverage many years of experience.

One such job we noted just this week is at CDI Corporation, a $1 billion "professional services company that offers Fortune 1000 clients a cost-effective, single-source provider of high-value engineering and information technology outsourcing solutions and professional staffing."

CDI has a need for a 3000 MPE/iX and IBM AIX administrator, which would be quite a mix in a single IT pro. The job listing is up on, where it says that "Data migration and software upgrades are key areas of this project."

The job is in Richmond, Virginia, but the important part to recall is that Google's alert service turned it up for us. What's more the migration process in play across your community can force open some employment doors, too.

These positions have decreased substantially in number during the six years since HP announced its exit from the platform. That's to be expected. But they haven't disappered. Another year's worth of work, in Chicago, came up on Gadball, where Phillip Bue, the Senior Recruiting Manager with Ajilon Consulting, offered a job taking care of a 3000 while the regular IT staff did a migration:

During this project term, Client's permanent MIS staff will be transitioning from the HP 3000 to another computing environment. Consultant will report to the designated Client MIS Project Manager.

Two notes of interest here. First, hiring a temporary 3000 administrator and manager can free up the experienced IT staff to move in-house apps to a new environment. Customers report that putting the experience on the target box problem provides a better solution, since the seasoned team knows the apps and the user base.

Second note: If you have managed an HP 3000, and can travel to the likes of Virginia or Chicago, take heart. There's still HP 3000 work out there for you.