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PDF news for perusal, or pursuing the past

While we lean our ear onto the rail to listen for news in this quiet holiday season, it seemed time to point out some online resources we've put into place to read print editions of The 3000 NewsWire. Issues are available both new (November 2007's print) and a few old ones as well.

Late last month we posted our full print issue for November, a new feature of the NewsWire as we entered our 13th year of listening and reporting. PDF is hardly a new technology, which actually makes it a good choice for a community like ours, so focused on reliable solutions. Since the issue includes our sponsors' ads, we advise that you use a broadband link to download the latest, since it's about 20 MB — with resolution enough so you can print a custom copy with pages for your own issue.

We are continuing to print and mail our quarterly issues, just so nobody in the community gets confused. This is extra exposure. PDF technology lets us push these printed pages even farther than postal delivery — just like this blog puts the news online faster than our old printed and Online Extras ever could.

We'll be back with more news to report for tomorrow. But ah, it's already the eve of what much of the world will consider a five-day holiday around Christmas. Or at least four, if you're finishing up projects tomorrow.

Today we also moved the location of the 2005 issues of our FlashPaper, the hot-news rundown we wrote and printed for 10 years, inserted just before our mailing date. There's nothing new in these documents, but keeping track of promises and plans more than two years later might be worthwhile for the advocates of the system's HP end-game.

The FlashPaper PDF are easy to track down, but we won't add more to that archive just yet. You can click on the links below to peruse stories already considered historic, in some quarters, about the story of the HP 3000. (These are modest little files that download in a blink, fast as the Flash, since it was only a two-page roundup.)

January 2005
February 2005
March 2005
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May 2005
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