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HP shares open source porting tips

At the last HP Technology Forum, HP's 3000 group announced the upcoming release of a Samba Porting Paper. The document, first promised in June, proposes to show the 3000 community the methods HP used to bring Samba from a 2.x version to a 3.026 version for MPE/iX.

The paper is now available as a PDF download from HP. It's been available since late September of this year, apparently, so we must have missed HP's announcement or notice that it was ready for use.

Not for lack of interest, either. Robert Mills of 3000 site Pinnacle Arvato was looking forward to it in September, searching for assistance to make open source Python/iX an up-to-date solution for his 3000. HP reports the paper has been online since Sept. 26. That is, by the way, the same day that HP announced it was extending its 3000 support to 2010, in a limited, no-patch fashion.

A document like this one is important to keeping an HP 3000 working as hard as it can. Open source was part of the renaissance of the 3000 community back in the 1990s. Samba came into the customers' tool kit as a result of an after-hours project by Lars Appel, an HP 3000 support engineer in Europe. Appel is now working for Eloquence database creators Marxmeier Software, but the Samba snowball he rolled down the slope is still moving for MPE/iX users.

Another open source resource for the 3000 community, Mark Bixby, told the customers that learning to update the open source solutions like Samba, DNS and Apache for MPE/iX would be an essential skill to successful 3000 homesteading. HP is helping with the education with this paper.