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HP leads Cognos into extra support year

Early in September of 2007, Cognos announced it would support PowerHouse products in "Mature Platform Extended Support" beyond HP's then-announced 2008 date. Cognos was extending out to the end of 2009 with its mature support, but ending development support about 12 months from now.

Then HP released word of its own Mature Product Support without Sustaining Engineering for the 3000. Cognos has since updated its own support plans to match HP's timeline, according to the latest PowerHouse roadmap. Product manager Bob Deskin left word on the Internet forums about the changed (PDF) roadmap.

I have just posted an update to our Roadmap at powerhouse.cognos.com containing Cognos' commitment to Mature Platform Extended Support for PowerHouse on MPE/iX until December 31, 2010.

And so two of the largest providers of HP 3000 services leap together to the end of this decade with their plans to collect support revenues from MPE/iX customers.

A skeptic might say that the Cognos announcement was simply an extension of revenues, instead of help for customers who might have been left holding the bag on PowerHouse application support during 2010. Indeed, the development future for the product looks sketchy, what with IBM purchasing Cognos for the latter's Business Intelligence products, rather than the small group of the Cognos Application Development Tools operation.

But application viability sparks migrations more often than the functionality of the hardware or operating environment. One extra year to migrate away from PowerHouse, knowing some sort of lab-level support is online, might aid smaller companies who need more time to switch away from their HP 3000s. Customers need application support extended like this from third parties, as well as HP, to make a viable 2009 and 2010 operation — or rely on third party experts such as Pivital Solutions or id Enterprises for MPE and PowerHouse advice, respectively.