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A holiday gift list to wish for

Since today is the final day in the office until after Christmas, we thought we could extend our holiday wishes to the community by passing along a wish list. We've heard these desires from HP 3000 customers, consultants and vendors during 2007. Some of them might appear to be like the Red Ryder BB-Gun that's at the center of the holiday epic A Christmas Story. As in, "you don't want that, you'll put your eye out."

If you're unfamiliar with the movie, the line means "I don't want you to have that, because I'll worry what you will hurt once you get it." See if you can find the wishes on the holiday list that seem like BB-Guns, and remember: Gift giving season is celebrated this week, but can be practiced the whole year through.

1. Unleashing the full horsepower of A-Class and N-Class 3000s
2. Just unleashing the power of the A-Class 3000s (since every models operates at a quarter of its possible speed)
3. Well, then just unleash the N-Class systems' full clock speeds
4. HP's requirements to license a company for MPE/iX source code use
5. A way to use more than 16GB of memory on a 3000
6. A 3000 network link just one-tenth as fast as the new 10Gbit Ethernet
7. A water-cooled HP 3000 cluster, just like IBM used to make
8. A guaranteed ending date of HP's 3000 support for MPE/iX
9. Freedom to re-license your own copy of MPE/iX during a sale of an 3000

Those last two items might seem like real BB-Guns. But I think they have a chance of helping the community see the 3000 more clearly, instead of putting its eye out.

First off, a guaranteed ending date for HP 3000 support is something that both homesteaders and migration experts desire. By moving the finish line twice now, HP keeps customers from finishing migrations, or even starting them, according to migration partners.

What's more, the "we're not sure when support is really done" message keeps the 3000's service and support aftermarket in limbo. Customers tell us that they will be using their HP 3000 systems until their business demands they migrate away. HP plans to change its business practices someday for the HP 3000. But nobody knows for certain what day that will be.

That brings us to No. 9, the freedom to re-license your own MPE/iX. Development on this software ends in one year. That's the end of changes to the operating environment, the genuine Freeze Line for the 3000. The only thing to protect with a Right To Use License during 2009 will be HP support contracts. It seems HP should be able to compete on a level field with the rest of the community. HP Services seems to need those special 3000 licenses.

Number 10? A wish for a long life and continued interest in MPE/iX from the HP 3000 gurus of the community, whether inside HP or outside. There's nobody to bring any of these gifts if nobody cares inside of Hewlett Packard about your community.