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Spelling thanks with an "e"

On this day in the US, we give thanks for what we love in our lives with a big meal, connecting with family and friends. It's a rare thing for Abby and I to be away from our Texas home and NewsWire's offices on this day. We're usually hosting holiday guests, but this year we're on the road, visiting my family in a little town on the leftmost edge of Lake Erie.

As I sit here in an Extended Stay Suites room, waiting for all the feasting to come, I am reminded of that E in Erie. The lake's name still draws sniggering, maybe the same kind you've heard about the HP 3000 in your shop. Yes, it is that system older than all of the rest, but as vital as a Great Lake with freshwater. Something common but essential, and yes, something to be thankful for.

That E also reminds me of something Alan Yeo said about the HP 3000. HP started to call the system e3000 back in the year 2000, a marketing move to prompt a new look at legacy technology. Yeo wrapped up last weekend's 3000 Community Meet by saying that e stands for enduring. It's one of the many e-things we can give thanks for as 3000 community members:

  • Extensions, of support by HP to keep the vendor officially in the 3000 business, and of support from the third party suppliers and 3000 gear from resellers. About the only thing really missing now is new systems.
  • Exploration, by the OpenMPE board, still seeking a way to extend the problem-fixing patch process once HP leaves the community
  • Excellence, from the 3000 solution suppliers who have built products with durability and rugged design, like Adager's Alfredo Rego says, as if they are deep space satellites which must operate for years without need for maintenance, so your IT duties are more manageable
  • Enthusiasm, from the vendors discovering new ways to migrate several decades of business logic to new environments. Everybody tells us that the application makes the most difference in choosing a new platform. The platform makes the most difference, however, when the application is already written and reliable on the 3000 — and it requires patience and innovation to carry it into the future.
  • Exactitude, from those caring for a 3000, either by proxy or at your site, as well as the exacting development of solutions to mirror the talents of IMAGE, MPE/iX on other hardware, and more. Excellence is required.

As for Abby and I, we give thanks for the Excitement of covering a vendor's End-game, to chronicle the Evolution of your community to an independent Entity. Enjoy the holiday.