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Encompass board returns single 3000 member

HP enterprise user group Encompass announced the results of its annual election, a vote that resulted in just one 3000-experienced director on the new staff of volunteers. This is not necessarily a setback for the 3000 community, since former Encompass directors stay linked closely with the current board.

Chris Koppe of Speedware is not on the board any longer as a result of the election. Koppe was instrumental in keeping the 3000 community ties to a user group alive during 2005. Interex went bust in that year, and Koppe was on that group's board at the time, and he and then-president Kristi Browder found ways to attract Interex members — many of whom were left as unpaid creditors in the Interex bankruptcy.

As an example, the attendees at this weekend's e3000 Community Meet could purchase a 1-year Encompass membership for just $35.

Steve Davidek, former Interex advocacy committee member and a manager of the HP 3000 shop at the City of Sparks, Nevada, remains on the Encompass board. Davidek helps to oversee the community survey which Encompass uses as a measure of its productivity.

Other Encompass board members who have arrived at the directors' table are (current president) Nina Buik, Tony Ioele, and Bill Johnson.

The full slate of directors include Davidek, the three directors above, plus Browder, Glen Kuykendall, John Maynen, Clyde Poole, and Dena Wright. Encompass focuses its 3000 community activities on assisting customers in migrating to other HP 3000 platforms.