HP reports its critical patches are GR'ed
Binary patches: third party support today

A dozen days and dozen places left

With 12 days left until the e3000 Community Meet, Bayside 2007, only a dozen spots are open for the free lunch and priceless networking opportunities in San Francisco. The community members who have signed on are among the most expert and senior. Solutions to improve homesteading reliability, or avoid unnecessary costs and delays in migrations, will be on hand Nov. 17, a Saturday.

Registration is open at www.hpmigrations.com/sfevent. In addition to the modest $20 collected for a commemorative shirt, the attendee can get a budget $35 one-year membership rate to Encompass, the only remaining user group for HP enterprise customers.

Migrating customers will find the most use from the Encompass membership, especially if they plan to attend next year's HP Technology Forum. Frankly, nothing of this scope has ever been assembled in so short a time. It was only August, scarcely three months ago, that the Meet was being dreamed up by ScreenJet's Alan Yeo and Marxmeier AG's Michael Marxmeier.

Attending offers significant benefits. No one can be certain which experts might move on to new technologies or new companies during 2008, but they will be on hand in less than two weeks to share what they have learned.

Change is the one constant in the 3000 community. Those 5-minute slots are booked up by now, surrounded by content running from 9 AM to 4 PM. Lunch and breakfast are provided, and any out of town attendees will be glad to know the Doubletree Hotel, nexus of this confab, will transport you from the SFO airport for free.

What's more, the Bay Area has already had its earthquake for the year, a 5.8 tremblor that shook up books in the area libraries but caused no serious damage. Earth-shaking news might not be certain on this upcoming weekend. But the savvy customer should be moved to attend and see what accepted wisdom has moved along.

And what better way to celebrate the six-year anniversary of HP's "exiting the 3000 market' announcement? Dress is casual, but black humor could break out at any time.