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Ubuntu option opens for Linux

Pete Eggers, an MPE/iX veteran looking toward the next best operating environment, describes himself as a Linux bigot. Not long ago he echoed another 3000 expert in recommending Ubuntu, a distro of Linux as a newly-polished tech tool.

Vista got you down?  Slow on last generation hardware?  Can’t load it on old hardware?  Just need the basics including a full featured office suite?  Or, a bunch more applications (18,000), but don’t have money to burn?

Give Ubuntu 7.10 a try!  Comes in a LiveCD version (runs completely from a bootable CD without need of even 1 disk).

Earlier this year we interviewed Matt Perdue, Hill Country Technologies support specialist and an OpenMPE board member. Ubuntu was on his list of tools to assist in 3000 administration. He'd even gotten the Linux distro to boot up on PA-RISC hardware.

Eggers offered an outside look at the Linux distro, along with a note about the 7.10 release.

Here is an O’Reilly review link:

Yes, I know CentOS distribution is great, ultra-reliable (just repackaged RHEL), and easy to setup as a server.  Not bad as a programmer’s workstation too.  But it is really dull, uses old reliable software versions, missing features as desktop as delivered, and time consuming to setup and configure as a full blown jazzy end-user desktop.  If you are a disgruntled Vista user, Ubuntu is the Linux distribution to try first.