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Acucorp leads COBOL users to AcuXDBC

Tomorrow, October 10  at 11 AM EDT, Acucorp will offer the fourth in its series of customer Webinars. These free programs outline the details of the latest COBOL offerings from Acucorp, which became a part of the Micro Focus organization in a merger this summer.

The two companies have sketched a view of how ACUCOBOL Version 8 will evolve over the next two years. A July Webinar outlined dates for releases of Version 8 along with an overview of the new features in AcuCOBOL-GT. Version 8 and Beyond is available for download. Tomorrow's program describes and demonstrates AcuXDBC, a database connection module that specializes in feeding data to AcuCOBOL applications.

To reserve a Webinar seat, point your browser at www.acucorp.com/event. The events are broadcast using Microsoft's Live Channel, and they include a question and answer period. Acucorp will send an e-mail with connection information. The company is archiving its Webcasts as well, in case the timing for watching live doesn't fit with your schedule.

The next Acucorp Webinar is scheduled for October 24 at 11AM EDT: New Productivity-Enhancing Features of AcuBench

Acucorp has broadcast two other Webinars (in addition to it's July event) about its latest version of the ACUCOBOL-GT line, on September 12 (What’s New with ACUCOBOL-GT) and September 26 (Introducing AcuXUI)

Tomorrow's Webcast includes

How to apply SQL and relational database concepts to your COBOL data files - making it possible to manage and access them in much the same way as today's popular relational database management systems. In addition to providing an overview of AcuXDBC, AcuXDBC Server, and AcuXDBC Enterprise Edition, customers will receive an update on the new       enhancements to the technology since its first release this past March.

A complete list of the available Webinars and Webcasts from Acucorp is at the company's Web site. The Webcasts include an address by Micro Focus CEO Stephen Kelly in June about the goals for the merger of the two leading COBOL suppliers in the HP 3000 community.