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3000 luminary lights up luncheon weekend

November's HP 3000 Community Meet gained a gem in its crown of speakers for Nov. 17. Jeff Vance, winner of the HP e3000 Contributor of the Year award and an HP 3000 veteran of 28 years, will give the keynote speech on that day at the lunch. Oorganizers say that only 50 attendees will get the free lunch, plus the time to network on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Vance will offer his first keynote after countless talks about HP 3000 expertise as well as briefings from the vendor over the past two decades.

Vance retired this year from a 28-year career in HP's 3000 labs, one of the longest MPE/iX tenures of any IT pro anywhere. His contributions to the 3000 community have been lauded by HP as well as countless user groups and customers, from his work as liaison to users and customers to the brilliant work of system enhancements — some cooked up in the span a rainy weekend. HP and a panel of HP 3000 gurus have honored Vance with the HP e3000 Contributor of the Year Award. His software runs on thousands of HP 3000s around the world.

But the HP 3000 pro has moved on to new technical tools and project challenges, working for Quintessential School Systems (QSS) as a senior developer. While his keynote is certain to spring off of all those years of 3000 history, Vance will talk about crossing the bridge to The Next Thing after MPE/iX — and getting a job doing it.

He has already landed a new post as a Senior Developer on the team at MPE K-12 application vendor QSS since his departure from HP The QSS lab is giving Vance a chance to experience new tools and possibilities beyond the 3000, including leading edge features such as Ruby on Rails, Ajax extensions for seamless Web, and the wonderful world of Linux and open source.

An IT professional's career management is part of Vance's keynote as well. He will talk on the strategies and experiences of seeking the right post after several decades of MPE/iX specialization. The keynote will blend topics of legacy systems, careers, reports about job searching — including recent interview experiences — and what really matters when you write your resume.