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3000 Community Meet opens registration

The only HP 3000 meeting of 2007 opened up its registration Web site this week, giving the 3000 community a chance to meet and exchange reports and expertise on managing the systems through the remainder of the Transition Era — no matter how long that might be.

The Web site at hpmigrations.com/sfevent gathers fundamentals on attendees, including the request for a $20 fee to attend the weekend event Nov. 16-17. The charge is to keep attendees on the roster, explained organizer Alan Yeo.

As we only have 50 places on a first come, first served basis, and we have no way of vetting anyone's real intent to turn up, we thought that a nominal registration fee might sort the wheat from the chaff. The idea is that the $20 won't be used on the event — but we are going to organize a memento of the event for the attendees. So the Event is Free, but you pay for the memento.

The meet's roster of speakers spans the 3000 community's experts, from keynoter Jeff Vance, retired from HP this spring after 28 years of MPE development and liaison, to MB Foster's Birket Foster on APM, Chris Koppe on migration lessons learned from the field, Gavin Scott of Allegro on modern-era support options, and Donna Garverick-Hoffmeister on the plans of OpenMPE.

Perhaps most interesting are the 5-minute speaking slots available to any attendee, starting Saturday morning after Vance's keynote. The registration site reports that "These slots have been made available to attendees who need to initiate contact with vendors of a particular service; would like to network with peers sharing a common migration challenge; or to communicate with any other group or individual."

The slots are also being offered on a first come, first served basis; to reserve your five minutes, contact the slot scheduling organizer by e-mail.

The program begins with a Saturday morning keynote on Nov. 17 at the Doubletree Inn outside of the San Francisco Airport, where a block of $99 rooms awaits. Vesoft's Vladimir Volokh has sent word of his interest in attending, too. But attendee spaces are limited to 50, with several HP 3000 experts already signed up this evening.

Dinners on both Friday and Saturday evenings will be informal, birds-of-a-feather affairs organized on the spot. The final slot in the Saturday schedule — which includes a free breakfast and lunch — is set aside to plan dinner meetings for networking.

HP will be in attendance as business manager Jennie Hou arrives with "some small
commemorative HP e3000 tokens for souvenirs" as well as an HP e3000 basic scientific calculator as a door prize.

The 3000 NewsWire will be represented on the program too, helping attendees fight off any post-lunch snooze with a brief talk, Feeling an Edge, or a Ledge? by yours truly. It's our report on the Hearty Advantage of Thinking Ahead.