Resource 3000 calls community for survey
Eloquence picks up a 3000 veteran

Two years beyond the storm

Two years ago, Hurricane Katrina swept into American lives. By Labor Day of 2005, it was obvious that HP had to retreat from its New Orleans plans for the first HP Technology Forum.

HP's David Parsons said in that first conference that the 3000 community needs more collaboration than conflict. Labor and management had bitter, bloody battles in the US during the 1930s before a mission of cooperation emerged. The suggestion that HP will continue its support business beyond 2008, in whatever limited concept, shows the vendor has its eye on collaborating in customer futures.

There are many HP 3000 sites who are beyond the labor of their migration, and many others who must complete what they've planned. On this US holiday, we hope that your labors are fruitful, whether they are the work of staying in place on the 3000 — which will still run without a glitch until 2028 — or migrating away.