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Making GZIP work on a 3000

I have a copy of GZIP on my HP3000 947 which I put on back in 2000/2001,  now I need a copy for use on my a500 box, but do think I can remember were I got it from or how to install.

I have a client that sends me a file once a month in this format and I am  transferring the application from the 947 to A box. All I can find on HP's Jazz Web site is the GNU tool; is it part of this. How do I get going with GZIP?

Mike Caplin replies,

I had a similar situation with PKZIP. It was a pain to get it installed, and once it was on an A-Class HP 3000 I had to do the same on an N-Class.  The HP SE told me I couldn’t just move the executable, that it had to be installed again. That didn’t make sense, so I FTPd the executable to the other box five years ago and it’s worked fine ever since.

Matthew Purdue of the OpenMPE board adds,

If you have NS3000 on both systems, issue a DSLINE command, then a DSCOPY command.

Brent Moore offered a way to get the program onto the 3000 via Reflection:

If you have reflection, you can download a copy from the other box (labels format) then upload it to the new box.

You can also just pull a WRQ-label format copy of the file from

Then upload it (be sure to use LABELS format) to your new host.

On my boxes, gzip lives in /SYS/HPBIN/